I love you, Mom & Dad



How sweet you were, my Robbie,
Right from the very start;
The first time I laid eyes on you,
You truly stole my heart.

So small and helpless you were then,
But, oh! your eyes were bright!
And I loved the way you held my thumb
In your fingers held so tight.

You grew to be so very tall,
Taller than Dad or me,
And though you were so very strong,
You still could gentle be.

I miss you so, my baby,
I wish you still were here;
For ever and for always,
You'll be my son so dear.

Written for my Robbie with great love
February 2007
Saralyn McAfee Smith, Robbie's Mom Forever



Thank you, Angie, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, again, Angie!

Thank you, DJ, Shane's Mom!

Thank you, again, DJ!

Thank you, again, DJ!

Thank you, Tammy, Holli's Mom!

Thank you, Anne, Mitchel's Nanny!

Thank you, Shirley, Laurie's Mom!

Thank you, Theresa, Emily's Aunt and Mom!

Thank you, Christine, Deborah's Mum!

Thank you, Nica, Kerri's Mum!

Thank you, Evelyn, Billy's and Dana's Grandma!

Thank you, Linda, Grant's Mom!

Thank you again, Linda!

Thank you again, Linda!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's Mom!

Thank you again, Carol!

Thank you, Judi, Andrew's Mom!

Thank you, again, Judi!

Thank you, again, Judi!

Thank you, Lori, Steven's Mom!



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