Giving Thanks

I thank you, Father, for all the things
That you have given me;
Especially for Jesus that all of us
Might live eternally.

I thank you for my children, Lord,
A daughter and a son,
The sweetest babes I ever saw,
Two precious lives begun.

Though Robbie had to leave so soon,
We thank you, Lord, that he
Got to live with us and be our son
For it was Heavenly!

Written for My Precious Son Robbie
With Great Thanksgiving
November 2008
Saralyn McAfee Smith

For My Robbie with All My Love, Mom

For My Robbie with All My Love, Mom

Thank you, Susie, Jason's Mom!

Thank you again, Susie!

Thank you again, Susie!

Thank you, Patti, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you again, Patti!

Thank you, Shirley, Laurie's Mom!

Thank you, Elena, Dennis's Mom!

Thank you again, Elena!

Thank you, Cindy Jo, Michelle's Mom!

Thank you, Judi, Andrew's Mom!

Thank you, Anita, Danny's Mom!

Thank you, Sue-Anne, Lee's Mom!

Thank you again, Sue-Anne!

Thank you, DJ, Shane's Mom!

Thank you again, DJ!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!

Thank you, Lynn, Ken's Mom!

Thank you, Linda, Tina's Mom!

Designed and Made for My Robbie with Love by Saralyn