More than any thing in the world--or
any person in the world--Robbie loved
his Lord Jesus Christ, and gave his soul
to Jesus at an early age. At age 13, he
followed our Lord in baptism.

We are certain that Robbie is in heaven with Jesus, because
he publicly professed that Jesus was the Lord of his life.
Do you have the same certainty of going to heaven? If not,
here is a wonderful page for you to visit:
How to Become a Christian.

And Robbie dearly loved trains, too,
real ones and model ones.
Robbie's train---bound for Glory!

Robbie loved trains--real trains and model
trains. He and his Dad had built a huge
model layout in our basement, and he
loved running his many different engines
and cars. He also enjoyed collecting
baseball cards, coins, and model cars;
and he had learned to do counted cross
stitch from his Mom when he had to spend
so many weeks in the hospital. He made
cross-stitch pictures of trains, antique
cars, planes, and all his favorite sports
teams. He was also an avid player of all
kinds of video games--such as Playstation,
Sega Genesis, and Nintendo--and also loved
to play games on his Mom's computer. He
enjoyed playing baseball and football, and
loved to ride his bike or roller blades. He
was especially proud that his baseball team,
the "Yankees," had won all their games the
summer he was 8. In the third grade, he
was a member of the team that won first
place in the classroom quiz bowl. Every
summer, he loved to visit his grandparents'
farm in Georgia and go fishing and swimming
in the creek behind their house. He also loved
the annual family reunion at Ocean Isle Beach
in NC, where he spent hours playing in the
water and on the sand. He truly had a zest for life!

He never let his seizure disorder stand in his way,
and he never complained about all the time he had
to spend in the hospital or when the nurses had to
take his blood or give him a shot. He always had a
smile on his face and liked to reassure the doctors
and nurses that he was doing just fine, even when
he had to undergo three brain surgeries in December,
1994, when he was only 11. His cheerfulness made
him a favorite of all the nurses, both in his home
town of Dodge City and in Wichita, KS, and New York City.

Robbie, age 7, with his puppy, Murray, a Westie. Murray
is about 8 months old in this photo. (Murray crossed the Rainbow,
Bridge at age 17, and is now reunited with Robbie. We know
that Robbie and Murray romp through Heaven's meadows together now).

The birth sampler I stitched for Robbie
just had to feature trains! You can see
that he was tall and big for his age,
even from birth!

Robbie proudly showing off his model
Santa Fe in front of the real Santa Fe,
2 months before his 4th birthday.

Robbie at age 8, in 2nd grade

One of the cross-stitch pictures Robbie
made when he was in the hospital in 1994,
when his seizures first started.

Robbie was famous for his love of hugs!

Robbie and Dad at the Dodge City Depot,
one of their favorite hangouts! Robbie is
not quite 3 in this photo.