On this page, I want to thank the wonderful people who have
helped me with Robbie's memorial during the past four years.

Most of all, I want to thank Beth Hall, who has given so unselfishly
of her time and talents to do so much of the coding for me in
setting up new pages. She has also taught me a lot,
including how to write the code and edit the pages by myself!
Without her, Robbie's site would still be back in its infant stage.
More than that, though, I want to thank Beth for her friendship,
for always being willing to listen or share.
She is truly one of the most loving and most generous
people I have ever known!
Thanks, Beth, for just being YOU.

There are many wonderful, caring people on the web, and so many of them
helped me when I was setting up Robbie's site.  I will list some of  them below,
in alphabetical order.  I know there are many others who have helped me,
in one way or the other, and though I may not have named you here,
I am so grateful for your assistance, and I send you all my love and thanks.

Joyce Allman - Thank you, Joyce, for all you've done for Robbie and me, especially
for the beautiful pages  you've designed for his memorial.  Most of all, thank you for
your kindness and friendship.

Amanda Bowden - Thank you, Amanda, for the many lovely images you have made of
Robbie for me, and for your great generosity in sharing your knowledge and skills. 
Thank you, too, for being a kind and loving friend.
Sara Duncan of Aras Imaging - Thank you, Sara, for the beautiful and inspirational
picture of Robbie as an angel in heaven.  Every time I see this wonderful gift, it makes me smile. 
Monika Hedglin - Thank you, Monika, for all the lovely gifts you have made for Robbie,
and for all the helpful information you gave me when I was first starting this memorial.
Diane Kayser - Thank you for the many lovely gifts you've made for Robbie, and for all
your helpful instructions.  Thanks for being such a good friend!
Dixie Lawrence - Thank you, Dixie, for the awesome quilt you made for Robbie,
and for all your help over the years in helping me with Robbie's memorial.
Patricia Kusila - Patricia, you were one of the first to help me with Robbie's memorial. 
Thank you for your kindness and generosity, and for your lovely gifts.
Peggy Rozell - Thank you, Peggy, for your many lovely gifts, and for all your kindness. 
You have been such an inspiration to me, and I love you dearly.