I have recently gotten around to scanning a few more
of the thousands of photos we have of Robbie,
and here are the results!

Robbie was always ready for a game of catch!!
This led to his lifelong love of baseball.

Rob was so proud of being a Cub Scout!

Here is Robbie with his Cub Scout Den.
He is the 4th Cub Scout from the left.

Robbie with his beloved Grandma in Boxford, Massachusetts.

Robbie as a pumpkin, sister Laura as a witch, and friend Sean as a "cool cat."
Halloween, 1989---Robbie was 6.

Robbie as Dracula, Halloween of 1990

Robbie, Laura, and friend Sean dressed as 50's kids
for a school program, 1989.

Robbie sitting in his favorite tree, in our front yard, about 1989.

Robbie with the bike he decorated for a 4th of July parade, 1989.

The 4th of July bikes all lined up for the parade.
Robbie is the first child in the small group near the top of the photo.

Robbie crossing one of the river bridges in Franklin, PA,
with his Uncle Don, sister Laura, and cousin Beth, Summer 1989.

Robbie, Uncle Don, Laura, and Beth having breakfast at the River Cafe,
Franklin, PA, Summer 1989.

Robbie and Laura getting ready to see the Statue of Liberty,
Summer of 1989.

Rob and Daddy lie on the floor to watch TV, about 1987.