When cleaning my closet, I found a treasure trove
of photos that had not been put into albums!!!

Newborn Robbie ready to go home from the hospital,
September 1983.

Getting ready to take that first step alone!

Happy First Birthday!!! (And, of course, the candle
holder had to be a train engine!)

First Horseback Ride! Rocky Face, Georgia,
1984--10 mos. old. Uncle John is on one side
and Grandpa on the other, with cousin Mike
Babb leading the horse on his farm. Laura is
riding behind Robbie.

Zooming down the hill in front of our house at age 2!
(A favorite pastime for many years on various vehicles)

All bundled up! Do you think he can move?? (Robbie at 2)

Robbie and Laura pose for the camera, about age 4.

First Day at Pre-School! (age 5)

Same day, view from the side to show off his special backpack!

Halloween--both Laura and Robbie about 5

Christmas, 1988--Robbie is 5 and Laura almost 6. Robbie
had just received his first nutcracker, a gift from his Great
Aunt "Pete" (Alice), starting a lifelong hobby. By his last
Christmas, 1999, he had more than 2 dozen nutcrackers,
of all sizes and colors.

Proud Robbie getting to feed his newborn cousin, Zachery,
the spring Robbie was 5.

Proud fisherman with his very first catch from the creek at
Grandpa's house in Georgia! Laura looks on admiringly.
(Both about 5 or 6)

Having fun on the pond near Franklin, PA, with sister Laura
and cousin Beth. (age 7)

Robbie (age 7) and his cousin Beth work on a sand castle
at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

Robbie at 7 with his beloved dog Murray, a Westie.

Robbie at bat for the "Yankees," the summer he was
8 years old and his team won every game!

A special treat--eating out at the Japanese Steak
House in Myrtle Beach, sitting between Mommy and
Grandma. (Almost 4 years old)