These are photos of Robbie and his sister Laura
sharing a hug when they were both about 3
years old. They were only 7 months apart in
age, so they were always close.

Robbie jumping from the high tower of our city pool with great joy,
about age 8.

Robbie's school photo, age 8.

Robbie in the New York hospital for brain monitoring prior to
his brain surgeries, 1994, age 11. It was during the Hannukah-Christmas
season, and I bought the menorrah to brighten up his room, though we are
not Jewish. He is holding a cross-stitch project he worked on while having
to be in bed for so many weeks.

Robbie holding his newborn niece, Sierra, on September 1, 1999,
just one week before his own 16th birthday. Little did we know then
that his 16th birthday would be his last here on earth with us.

Robbie and his champion team, the Yankees,
the summer he was 8 years old and they won
all their games! (The year before they had lost
all but one game.) Robbie is in the back row, far right.

Robbie fishing from the bridge over the creek behind
his grandparents' home in Dalton, GA, with Grandpa
and Laura looking on. Once he caught his first fish,
he was hooked for life!

Three generations of Hampton Smiths! Grandfather,
Howard Hampton Smith, Sr., is 76 years old in this
photo; father, Howard Hampton Smith, Jr. ("Hamp")
is 39; and baby, Robert Hampton Smith ("Robbie")
is 2 months old.

Laura and Robbie with Grandma and Grandpa McAfee
at their home in Dalton, GA, the summer the children
were 4 years old. Since their grandparents lived so far
away from us, I took them for long visits every summer,
and we usually drove to the annual family reunion at
Ocean Isle Beach, NC, with them, a trip that usually
took 2 days.

Robbie, not quite 2 years old, on his Grandpa Roy's
shoulders at Ocean Isle Beach during the annual
family reunion. Our extended family rented a huge
house right on the beach for a week, and Robbie
adored it. He loved playing in the ocean and the
sand so much that it was difficult to get him to
come back into the house!

Robbie and his cousin Beth buried in the sand up to
their necks at Ocean Isle Beach the summer Robbie
was almost 8. Laura, in the pink shirt, is
supervising--she declined to be buried!!!

The happiest Mom in the whole world! Saralyn, age 41, on
Mothers' Day, 1984, with Laura, age 16 months, and Robbie,
age 8 months old. After more than 16 years of longing for
children, I was "...a happy mother of children." (Psalms 113:9)

Robbie with his beloved adopted "Grandma," Erma Page.
The two met at the medical center on Valentine's Day,
1994, when both had to have blood samples taken, and
it was instant attraction. They enjoyed frequent visits
until Grandma's death later that same year. I am sure
they had a wonderful reunion when Robbie joined her in heaven!

Father and son take a nap together! About 1989.