Robbie at 13 months, playing in the leaves,
with that bright smile that was always his trademark!

Even at 4 months, Robbie waked up happy!
That's his cat, "Whitey," sleeping beside him.

Robbie with his niece, Sierra, on Christmas Day,
1999--her first Christmas and his last.
They were already great friends!

Robbie in 3rd grade--already favoring the
New York Yankees in his clothing choices!
And you can see that his blond hair was already
beginning to darken to the rich brown it eventually
became. The smile is still the same, though!

Robbie following his first brain surgery at age 11.
The bag attached to his head is for blood to drain
so that the brain would not swell too much. The wires
are attached to electrodes placed directly on his brain.

Robbie following his third and final brain surgery in December 1994,
age 11, to remove the cyst from his left temporal lobe.
His eye was swollen shut for several days.

About 7-9 days after surgery---greatly improved!

About 10-14 days after surgery---you can see the
long scar from the front of his skull curving around
to his left ear, and his hair has started to grow back.
For the rest of his life, Robbie kept his hair somewhat
longer, to hide the scar.

According to my Dad, Robbie's beloved "Grandpa," Robbie was
the happiest baby he had ever seen! And Grandpa had had five
children of his own, as well as 11 other grandchildren before
Robbie was born in 1983, the year that Grandpa turned 70!

Robbie adored his Grandpa and loved to sit on his lap. We
visited Grandma and Grandpa in Georgia at least once
every year in the summer, and a couple of times for Christmas, too.

Our first family portrait, 1984. Robbie is 1 and Laura is almost 2.

Family Portrait, 1990. Robbie is 7 and Laura is almost 8.

Our family in 1997, when Robbie was 14. This is the last family portrait
while Robbie was alive. I regret that we did not have a yearly picture made.

Our family in October, 2000. Robbie had been gone for 6 months,
and Sierra had just turned one year old.

Robbie, spring of 1999, age 15

Andy McElwain, Robbie's best friend, now age 24 and
a graduate of Fort Hays University with a degree in computer science.
He now lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.






The song playing is "Take Us To Heaven," written by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton,
and is performed by Amy Grant. For entertainment purposes only.