There are so many wonderful, loving, caring people on the Web! Several of these compassionate people, whom I've never met in person, have lovingly crafted beautiful memorial pages for Robbie. You may visit each of these sites by clicking on the pictures. And while there, please visit each person's personal memorial to his or her own angel in heaven.

Please visit the beautiful memorial site created for Robbie by Patricia Kusila by clicking on the above painting by Danny Hahlbohm.

Thank you, Patricia!

Please click on the above photo to go to the beautiful memorial created for Robbie by Monika Hedglin at "Angels with Wings of God."

Thank you, Monika!

Click on the above angel image of Robbie by Sara to go to Patricia Kusila's awesome Tribute to Robbie at "On the Wings of Angels."

Thank you, Sara and Patricia!

Please visit the beautiful memorial page lovingly made for Robbie by Amanda Bowden by clicking on the above painting by artist Danny Hahlbohm.

Thank you, Amanda!

Click on the above candle to visit the beautiful memorial made for Robbie by
Rose Mary at "God Hears You."

Thank you, Rose Mary!

Please visit Robbie at Marty Koonce's site, "Surviving a Loss," by clicking on Marty's roses above.

Thank you, Marty!

Click on the above angel to see all the members of Heavenly Lights, children who have died from childhood diseases. Click on the star below to view Robbie's star on page 5, about halfway down, of the Heavenly Lights site.
Thank you, Laura!


Click on the blue engine above to go to the beautiful memorial page created for Robbie by Kathryn at Jenn's Friends in Heaven.

Thank you, Kathryn!

Click on the beautifully decorated wreath above to visit the lovely memorial placed in Robbie's memory at Alycia's "Lay a Memorial Wreath" site.
While there, visit Alycia's memorial and all the other children who are memorialized there. Rich will be happy to make a wreath decorated especially for your angel.
Thank you, Richard and Denise!

Please click on the above image to visit Robbie's graphic on Virginia's beautiful Angel Wall. Thank you, Virginia, for all you do for so many angels!