The following are beautiful memorial sites which I highly recommend.

Click on the above angel to visit all the angels In God's Hands, a beautiful website created with great love by Patricia Kusila.
Please click on the above angel to visit all the angels at Angels with Wings of Gold, a beautiful website lovingly created by Monika.
Click on the above angel to see all the members of Heavenly Lights, children who have died from childhood diseases. Click on the star below to view Robbie's star on page 5, about halfway down, of the Heavenly Lights site.
Click on the picture above to go to Patricia Kusila's lovely tributes to On the Wings of Angels.
Click on the beautifully decorated wreath above to visit the lovely memorial placed in Robbie's memory at Alycia's "Lay a Memorial Wreath" site.
While there, visit Alycia's memorial and all the other children who are memorialized there. Rich will be happy to make a wreath decorated especially for your angel.
Thank you, Richard and Denise!
Click on the beautiful roses above to go to Marty Koonce's site, Surviving a Loss. Marty has made a wonderful memorial to his wife, Dawn, as well as including much useful information for survivors. He also has pages honoring other angels who have gone on to heaven, including Robbie.

Click on the above photos to go to Grief Loss Recovery, a wonderful site with poems, writings, and resources for those who are grieving, as well as individual memorials.
Click on the above banner to visit Healing Hearts, a wonderful site for all grieving parents, giving many links and sources. They also publish a monthly newsletter.
Click on Cynthia Geisler's Angel Stars logo to go to her wonderful site which allows you to post a star and a birthday candle for your precious angels. Then click on Robbie's blue star below to visit him at Cindy's site. He is very close to the bottom of that page.
Visit Lauren's Rose Wall of Memories by clicking on the above roses to see all of her angel friends, including Robbie. You can ask to have your own angel added to this wall, too.
Jason's Friends

Click on Jason's memorial candle to go to his friends' site. You can ask to have your own angel's photo and data added to these wonderful pages by his mother, Susie Dunn.
Visit Sherry Sharon's beautiful and helpful site, Compassion Connection, by clicking on the lovely globe above.  This site is helpful for all types of loss and grief.

Click on the "Find It Mall" logo to visit the wonderful site made by Joe Holmes for links to many beautiful nemorial sites for children.
The following are sites which contain many wonderful and beautiful graphics for use on memorial sites. The artists ask only that you get their permission before you copy their work, and that you give them credit on your site, with a link back to their own site.

Please check out Sara Duncan's website, Aras Imaging, by clicking on her logo above. Sara created the beautiful image of Robbie as an angel on my homepage.

Though I have used only the snowglobes from Patch of Heaven, please check out their homesite for many more beautiful graphics, including backgrounds, by clicking on their gold logo above.

Please check Pat's Web Graphics, especially for beautiful flower graphics.

"Kaye's Page" features the many beautiful poems written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux. Though her poems are copyrighted, she will often give permission for them to be used on memorial sites. Please click on her logo to visit her site.
In memory of her precious triplets, Avery, Grace, and Noah, Kimberly Dowell has created a beautiful line of memorial jewelry that you can order in memory of your own precious angel. While at Kimberly's site, also visit her memorial to her angel babies.
Memory Lane Graphics is the work of four talented women--Stacey, Tracy, Alexa, and Julie---all of whom have lost precious angels. Please visit their wonderful site by clicking on their above logo. They offer free memorial graphics as linkware, and even offer to make custom-made plaques and globes for grieving parents.
Terri's Treasures is just filled with beautiful globes, plaques, and other wonderful graphics for you to use on your site. Be sure to visit her marvelous site!
Dawn's Graphics site has lots of beautiful angels, gifts,animations, banners, etc. to enhance your memorial site.
This beautiful blooming angel flower is from the Site Fights. You can visit their website to design one of your own flowers by clicking on the flowerpot.