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Robbie's Anniversaries in Heaven
1st Anniversary, 2001, When Sadness Comes
2nd Anniversary, 2002, A Soul-Searching Prayer
3rd Anniversary, 2003, I Will Remember!
4th Anniversary, 2004, Missing You
5th Anniversary, 2005, Tracing Rainbows Through the Rain
6th Anniversary, 2006, May Your Light Always Shine!
7th Anniversary, 2007, A Beautiful Quilt Made by Diane Kayser
8th Anniversary, 2008, Eight Years in Heaven
9th Anniversary, 2009, You Went Away in Early Spring
10th Anniversary, 2010, A Long Way from Home
11th Anniversary, 2011, Each Step I Take Just Leads Me Closer Home
12th Anniversary, 2012, Robbie Remembered After 12 Years
13th Anniversary, 2013, Remembering Robbie with 16 White Roses
14th Anniversary, 2014, I Will See you Again
15th Anniversary, 2015, Fifteen Long Years
16th Anniversary, 2016, Sweet Sixteen, Sorrowful Sixteen
17th Anniversary, 2017, I Miss You Still

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It was my dream that died, not you.
You are whole and complete!
It was my hope that died, not you.
You are perfectly fulfilled!
It was an earthly body that died, not you.
You are abundantly, forever alive!

My hopes and dreams may have died
When your earthly body died...
But my love for you is
Abundantly, forever alive!!!

And when we meet in heaven, all my dreams
Will be whole and complete,
All my hopes
Will be perfectly fulfilled,
And we will be
Abundantly, forever,

-Arlene Stamy

I Love You Mom & Dad

You're at Peace in His Love

I recall the day Jesus called you home,
And He set you free from all the hurts and pain,
Now you live with Him in joy that never ends,
And one day I know I'll join you there and see you once again.

Though for now you're gone, it is just a little while
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now, there is comfort and a smile;
You're at peace in His love.

When you left that day, we had to wonder why,
Still so many things we do not understand.
But we trust in God Who makes our lives complete,
And by faith we carry onward, for our lives are in His hand.

Though for now you're gone, it is just a little while
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now, there is comfort and a smile;
You're at peace in His love.

With the angels you sing in your new-found home,
To the One Who will dry every tear.
One day we will join the chorus up above,
We shall all be reunited, and the night shall disappear!

Though for now you're gone, it is just a little while
Till the Lord gathers all up above.
As I think of you now, there is comfort and a smile,
You're at peace in His love.
You're at peace in His love.

Copyright 1999 by Elton Smith and Larry Holder

(Used with permission)


I Love You Mom & Dad

"Grief isn't a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith---it is the price of love."

Grief remains one of the few things that has the power to silence us.
It is a whisper in the world and a clamor within.
More than sex, more than faith, even more than its usher death,
grief is unspoken, publicly ignored
except for those few moments at the funeral that are over too quickly,
or the conversations among the cognoscenti,
those of us who recognize in one another
a kindred chasm deep in the center of who we are.
Maybe we do not speak of it because death will mark all of us, sooner or later.
Or maybe it is unspoken because grief is only the first part of it.
After a time it becomes something less sharp but larger, too,
a more enduring thing called loss.
Perhaps that is why this is the least explored passage:
because it has no end.
The world loves closure,
loves a thing that can, as they say, be gotten through.
This is why it comes as a great surprise to find that loss is forever,
that two decades after the event there are those occasions
when something in you cries out at the continual presence of an absence.

-- Anna Quindlen

I Love You Mom & Dad

This lovely plaque is from Rose Mary.
Please click on the picture to visit
her special memorial site, God Hears You!
Thank you, Rose Mary, for this precious gift.

I Love You Mom & Dad

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I Love You Mom & Dad



I Love You Mom & Dad

The heavenly image of Robbie at the top of this page
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Thank you, Beth!