On this page are showcased the lovely gifts which have
been so kindly given to Robbie's site. You may click
on each gift to visit the giver's homesite


This banner is a 3rd anniversary gift from my dear friend, Beth Hall.
Thank you, Beth, for this beautiful gift which I will always treasure!
(Click on the banner to visit Beth's loving memorial for her son, Hayes.)


This beautiful drawing of Robbie is a 3rd Anniversary gift from Jeanine.
Thank you, Jeanine, for this gift which I will always treasure!


This lovely gift is from Luke and Austin's Mommy of Forever Angels.
Thank you, Andrea, for this precious gift!
(Click on the gift to visit Andrea's memorial to her two cherished sons.)


This lovely plaque is a 3rd anniversary gift from Norma.
Thank you, Norma, for this precious gift!
(Click on the banner to visit Norma's beautiful memorial for her precious daughter, Samantha.)


This lovely 3rd anniversary gift is from Susie Dunn.
Thank you, Susie!!
(Please click on the graphic to visit the beautiful memorial Susie has made for her son, Jason.)


This heavenly anniversary gift is from Joyce Allman, "The Nanster" to her beloved granddaughter, Lauren.
Thank you, Joyce!!
(Click on the image to visit Joyce's beautiful memorial to Lauren.


This lovely plaque is a birthday gift for Robbie from Amanda Bowden,
sent for the 19th anniversary of his birth,
September 8, 2002.
Thank you, Amanda!


This beautiful plaque is a birthday gift for Robbie from Terri of Terri's Treasures, to celebrate Robbie's 3rd birthday in heaven (he would have been 19 years old, if still on earth) on September 8, 2002.

Thank you, Terri!


This precious and beautiful gift is from Dot McEntire of Hope in a World of Hate.  I am proud to belong to the HOPE family!
Thank you, Dot!


This beautiful memorial was created by Terri of Terri's Treasures and presented to Robbie's site on
March 14, 2002, the eve of his 2nd anniversary in heaven.
Thank you, Terri, for this precious treasure!


The wonderful changing picture of Robbie above and the beautiful plaque below are 2nd anniversary gifts from
Amanda Bowden, a dear web friend from England.
Thank you, Amanda, for these precious gifts!!
(Click on either gift to visit Amanda's own precious angels.)



This beautiful gift is from Terri of Terri's Treasures.
Thank you, Terri, for this precious gift!!!
Received April 12, 2002

This beautiful plaque is also from Amanda Bowden, and was an Easter gift, 2002.
Thank you, Amanda,  for your great kindness!


This lovely heart is a 2nd anniversary gift from Susie Dunn, another dear web friend, and mother to
Angel Jason.
Thank you, Susie, for this precious gift!
(Click on the heart to visit Susie's own angel.)



Thank you, Terri, for this beautiful picture for Robbie's 2nd anniversary in heaven.
  Robbie did, indeed, have the heart of a child!!!
And thank you, too, for this wonderful picture of Cowboy Rob with wings!!!!



This lovely collage is a gift from Joyce Allman, grandmother to another angel, Lauren, whose picture is on Robbie's Friends page.  Visit Joyce's tribute to Lauren by clicking on this beautiful gift
Thank you, Joyce, for this precious gift for the 2nd anniversary of Robbie's going home to heaven!
I will always treasure this beautiful picture.



Thank you, Dot, for this exquisite candle!


Thank you, Dawn, for this lovely gift!


The wonderful blinking starbars separating each link on this page are from Pat's Web Graphics. Thank you, Pat!