These are photos of many of the cross-stitch
pictures Robbie stitched over the years. Some
were given away as gifts, so I do not have
those to photograph.

Beginning when he was only 7, Robbie watched
me doing cross stitch and wanted to learn. His
first effort, begun when he was only 7, was a
purple T-Rex. When he was almost done with
the stitching, he lost interest for a year or more,
finally coming back to it and completing it when
he was 9.

Robbie's next stitching effort began when he had
to spend extensive time in the hospital for his
seizure disorder. His first stitchery, the T-Rex,
had been done on very large count Aida cloth,
7 stitches to the inch, but his next effort was
on 14-stitches to the inch: an antique train.

Robbie did a lot of cross-stitch over the next
several years, as he was so often hospitalized
and had a lot of time on his hands. He also liked
stitching during summer and Christmas vacations.
Most of his subjects were sports objects or vehicles,
but some were done as gifts and so reflected the
interests of the recipients.

Robbie worked on the Yankees logo, off and on, for
almost a year, before completing it on July 4, 1995.
Then he decided to set a goal for himself--he wanted
to start and finish a project within three (3) days! So,
he began stitching on the Royals logo on July 5, 1995,
and finished it on July 7th--after working almost non-stop
during his waking hours!

Robbie began this baseball logo picture at the beach in
the summer of 1995, but he dropped it for quite a few
months before deciding to go back to over the Christmas
vacation of 1995-96.

Robbie at the beach in the summer of 1995, as he
is just beginning work on the baseball logo. He is not quite
12 in this photo.

Robbie liked the baseball logo so much that he quickly
decided on another project. He began stitching on the
Blue Angels airplane on January 24, 1996, and completed
it on January 27th. He added the wording on Super
Bowl XXX Sunday, January 28, 1996.

Robbie was in high gear in the winter of 1996! Maybe it
was because he was so frustrated at school, where all
the work was so hard for him, since he was having to
re-learn how to read from scratch. But the brain surgery
had not affected his ability to stitch, and so he greatly
enjoyed doing something he was so proficient at.

After the Blue Angels airplane, he chose an antique fire
engine---and finished it in less than two weeks. I think
it is probably his finest and most intricate work, and he
was only 12 years old at the time!

Robbie's last stitcheries were made as gifts for his father
and me. The Pennsylvania Railroad logo was a gift for his
Dad's birthday, and the Philadelphia Eagles helmet was for
his Dad's Christmas present in 1999, Robbie's last Christmas.
He made both the Coca-Cola logo and the Coke bottle for
me since I am a Coke fanatic!

Right after Christmas, 1999, Robbie returned to a stitchery he
had begun the summer before--a rendering of a scarred Union
battle flag from the Civil War. That cross stitch is a little more
than halfway finished; he was stitching on it the day before he
died. At first, I thought I would finish the picture for Robbie some
day and put both our names and finishing dates on it, but now I
believe that I will frame it as he left it, with the date he last
worked on it.









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