Missing You
Especially at Christmas

It isn't just at Christmas that I miss you so much, Rob,
It's just that everyone else seems so busy and happy,
And I am so down and blue, missing you.

Other parents worry about what gifts to give their children,
While the only thing I can give you are flowers for your grave,
And that doesn't make for a very "merry" Christmas.

Other parents worry that their children can't come home this Christmas,
And they fret because they won't see them until next year;
But I won't ever see you again on this earth.

I do have the blessed assurance that you are in Christ's loving care
And that you get to celebrate His birthday in His very presence,
And that thought always makes me smile.

But I won't get to see you in person or hug you or see your bright, sweet smile,
And I know I will go on, year after year, still missing you so much,
Till God Himself calls me home, and we are together again.

Merry Christmas in Heaven, my precious son!

Love and hugs always,

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