Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories

Oh, happy days when you were here,
And every day was so much fun!
It never once occurred to me
That you would have to leave us, son.

Whenever I am sad or blue,
I stretch across the wall of time
To find you still within my heart,
With all our memories sublime.

No longer can I touch your hair,
No longer see you face to face,
But with the treasures in my heart,
I can your memory embrace.

And Time is not your master now,
For you can any age assume---
The lanky youth you had become,
Or baby fair, with heaven's bloom.

I see you racing down the hill,
Or fast asleep in Daddy's chair;
Whatever age or form you take,
You always seem so wondrous fair!

My precious babe with golden curls,
My stalwart son with blazing smile---
No matter what you are today
Will surely my sad heart beguile.

So, come and cheer my weary self;
Come and lift my downcast heart.
You are my own, my precious son,
And I have loved you from the start.

So, from my cherished memories,
You run and walk and smile once more,
To keep me company here below
Till we unite at Heaven's door.

Written with love for my beloved son, Robbie
Robert Hampton Smith, September 8, 1983 ~ March 15, 2000

Copyright 2005 by Saralyn M. Smith
Please ask permission to copy and please give credit to me as author.

Going home from the hospital, September 1983!

The day Robbie was christened, September 1983
Grandpa holding Laura, Saralyn holding Robbie, Grandma

Mommy and Robbie on 'Hamp Hill,' about 10 miles west of Dodge City,
where we frequently went to watch the trains pass by below,
Spring, 1984

A visit from Uncle Don, summer 1984
Laura on Don's shoulders, Robbie on Dad's shoulders

Two for the stroller--before the days tandem strollers were available!
Summer, 1984 - Robbie, 10 months, Laura 18 months.

Two babies in a very small pool! Early summer, 1984.

Hamp holding both Laura and Robbie in Ocean Isle, New Jersey,
Summer 1984

Laura, 20 months, gives Robbie, 12 months, a ride!

Robbie, 16 months, pushes his bike up the hill so he can ride down with Laura.

Laura riding on Robbie! January, 1985 in Haddon Heights, New Jersey
Don't worry---he may be 7 months younger than Laura, but he is just as large!!

Summer 1985 - Robbie, almost 2, on Fort Mountain, Georgia

Mommy, Robbie, and Laura ride in the cart that Grandpa built, Dalton, GA, summer 1985.

Robbie and Laura in Grandpa's cart, summer 1985.

Having fun swinging! Fall, 1986.

Laura and Robbie in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, fall 1987.

Three kids on top of Dad -- no wonder his tongue is hanging out!!
Laura, Robbie, and neighbor Sean Kelly - - Spring, 1988

Robbie at 'Hamp Hill' where we always went to watch trains, winter 1992

A proud and happy Robbie dances with his cousin Wendy at her wedding reception,
on a ship on San Diego Bay, California, August 1993 -- Robbie is not quite 10 years old.

Song Playing is 'Memories' by Margi Harrell