Child of Hamp and Saralyn Smith

Dustin Allman 09/27/77 to 9/30/77
Son of Joyce Allman

Son of Diane and Jimmy Kayser

Daughter of Bobbi Jo Sisk Jones; granddaughter of Judy Sisk

Child of Lori Miller, lost in 1985 at 3 months gestation

Grandchildren of Patricia McIntosh

Sister and Niece of Shirley Baer

Children of Irene and Ray Fitzer
Lost at 3 months gestation

Daughter of Misty and Jamie Lemmons
06/09/08 to 07/01/08

Lane Allen Orr, March 12, 2002
Son of Bryce Orr; Grandson of Patty & Mark Orr

Mitchel Daniel Henneberry-Robar, Dec. 3, 2004 ~ Jan. 8, 2005
Son of Michelle Robar, Grandson to Darlene, Dave, Anne and Art


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Our precious babies,fresh from God,
Didn't have much time on earth.
Some never even drew a breath
Or went through human birth.

But all of them are precious souls,
And live within our hearts;
And someday we will see them again,
And never more we'll part.

Saralyn McAfee Smith
October 15, 2008

Created & Dedicated with Love and Remembrance on October 15, 2005

In Loving Memory of my Son Christopher Jason 1~21~00