These are more of the lovely awards which have been presented to Robbie's site. You can visit the other sites by clicking on their awards.

This beautiful award is from Michele Childress in loving memory of her precious little baby, Kayla.
Click on the award to visit Kayla's memorial site.
Thank you, Melissa, for this wonderful award in memory of your brother, Mike. (Visit Mike's beautiful memorial by clicking on his award.)
Melissa also has her own "special place" on the web. Click her award to visit her and learn of her Christian testimony.
This beautiful award, in memory of little angel baby Rayna, was presented by her mother, Jenn. Please click on the award to visit her lovely site for Rayna Grace.
I am honored to receive this beautiful award from AngelHeart for Robbie's site. Thank you, Sharon, for this honor.
This is another great honor from AngelHeart. Thank you, Sharon! And may Robbie's site always give honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!
Thank you, AngelHeart/Sharon, for this award. I am very honored to receive it, and I thank God for His inspiration to write poetry from my heart.
AngelHeart, this is the most special of all your awards, for you made it from your heart of love just for Robbie! Thank you, Sharon, for this image of the train carrying Robbie to heaven!

You can click on any of AngelHeart's lovely awards to visit her beautiful and very loving site.
Thank you, Susie, for this beautiful award in memory of Jason! (Click on his award to visit the lovely memorial his mother has made for him.)
Thank you, Janet, for honoring Robbie with your wonderful award! (Visit Jesse's memorial site by clicking on his award.)
Thank you, Stephanie, for this precious award in memory of your little angel, Amanda Joy. (Visit Stephanie's site for her daughter by clicking on the award.)

Thank you, Pam, for this lovely award!

(Click on Pam's award to visit her beautiful site.)