These are the lovely awards which have been presented to Robbie's site.
You can visit the other sites by clicking on their awards.

Wow! I feel incredibly honored that HOPE's members would
select Robbie's site a second time as the Site of the Month!!!
Thank you to all HOPE members for this tremendous honor.

I am honored that my fellow members of HOPE chose Robbie's site as the
Site of the Month for March, 2002.
It is especially meaningful to me that I learned of this award on
March 15, 2002,
the 2nd anniversary of Robbie's going to heaven.

I am honored that Robbie's website has been chosen to receive the
Golden Web Award
for the year

This angel award was given by Melissa, in honor of her friend, Douglas.


Father, son, brother, friend----
Who ever thought your life would end
So suddenly one dreadful morn
In such a senseless, thoughtless way
By one who drank his life away
And left your family forlorn.

And we who loved you are now left
With arms and hearts so sore bereft
Of all the love you had to give.
We've missed you every single day---
Your smile and all your loving ways---
We wanted you to always live.

Although your life was much too brief
And our hearts are filled with grief,
We're glad we had those precious years.
So we give thanks to God above
For sending you to us with love
And know someday He'll dry our tears.

For you still live, in heaven above,
And watch o'er us in constant love---
A love that never more will end.
And someday we will join you there
When heaven's joys we, too, will share
Forevermore with you, dear friend!

Saralyn McAfee Smith

This poem was written specifically for Melissa's friend, Douglas Blevins,
but may be copied and edited to personalize it for your child or loved
one, so long as you list me as the author and provide a link to Robbie's
memorial. Please also E-mail me at, giving me your
website URL. Thank you.

Thank you, Monika, for this beautiful award!

Click on Josh's angel to go to his memorial site.

Thank you, Sherre, for this extraordinarily beautiful award, and for your
kindness in making the many snowglobes that have helped to make Robbie's
site so lovely.

This beautiful award was presented by Lady Eveline of Sweden. You can view
her wonderful art and poetry by clicking on her award.

Thank you, Connie, for this lovely award! I am so thankful to have your wonderful
artwork for Robbie's site.

This precious award was presented by Baby Reanna's mother, Heather. Please
click on the award to visit Reanna's memorial site.

This beautiful award is from Christina's Mommy, Tanya.
Tanya can add your precious angel to her Rose Memorial

Thank you, Erika, for this beautiful award in memory of
your precious little Abby! Click on Abby's award to visit
her lovely memorial site.

(Abby will always hold a special place in my heart as
she became an angel on my birthday.)

Thank you, Sonya, for this lovely award in memory of your son, Jonathan.

Thank you, Susan, for this lovely award in memory of Jason!
(Please click on the award to visit Jason's beautiful memorial site.)

This beautiful award is from Azariah Rose Sainte Claire in memory
of her two precious daughters, Ariel and Catherine, who await her
in heaven.

You may visit their memorial by clicking on the award.