The Ride to Eternity

I heard the train whistle blow;
I had to go and see.
The light was so bright
As it chugged on by,
Before it stopped in front of me.

I had to get aboard just to check it out--
A love of trains I grew up with,
And, boy! this one was none like I have ever seen!
Trimmed in gold from engine to caboose.
And then a gentleman greeted me.

He told me His name is Jesus
And that the train is about to leave,
To take His hand and we will be off---
No more pain or suffering for me.

He led me into the most beautiful car,
Seats as fluffy as clouds.
All of a sudden I heard, "All aboard!"
And off to heaven we were bound.

The ride was quick--so much faster
Than any other train could go.
Then we heard "Golden Gates ahead!"
"Please step slowly down."

I reached the Golden Gates--
Oh! What a sight!
More beautiful than words could ever tell,
With fields of flowers everywhere,
As Jesus showed me around.

My message to you is that I am okay,
Loving you always.
And One Day
When the train rolls in for you,
Just look for me, 'cause I will be
Riding along beside you.

Written for Robbie and Saralyn with love
From Jeanine Blevins
October, 2005

Cross image also by Jeanine

Title and masked train image by Robbie's Mom



"When cares increase within me, Your comfort gives me joy."
Psalm 94:19