Halloween 2008

It's Halloween again---
A day that Robbie loved!
I wonder if they celebrate
This holiday above?

It's so much fun to dress up,
To wear a cute disguise;
Halloween was sure to bring
A twinkle to Rob's eyes.

Of course, he loved the candy
And roaming in the dark,
But it was the joy of dressing up
That always brought the spark.

When Robbie thought he had grown up,
Too old to trick or treat,
He loved to welcome all the spooks
And give them something sweet.

So, Robbie, if you're watching
From heaven up above,
I'm sending you some Halloween fun,
Sent with all my love.

Written for My Robbie with Love,
Saralyn McAfee Smith
Halloween 2008



For my sweet Robbie with love from Mom

Thank you, Susie, of Jason's Friends!

Thank you again, Susie, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Elena, Dennis's Mom!

Thank you, Ann, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's Mom!

Thank you, Joan, Tibby's Mum!

Thank you again, Joan!

Thank you, Reeny, Mom to Becky and Dustin!

Thank you again, Reeny!

Thank you, DJ, Shane's Mom!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!

Thank you, Lori, Steven's Mom!

Thank you again, Lori!

Thank you, Lynn, Ken's Mom!

Thank you, Donna, Zachery's Grandma!

Thank you, Patti, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, Kris, Bradley's Mama!

Thank you, Monika, Joshua's Mom!

Thank you, Judi, Andrew's Mom!