Halloween Night

On Halloween night you always had fun;
You loved to scare us all.
You’d dress as a devil or maybe a ghost;
You really had a ball!
Of course, when you were a little lad,
Your costumes were much more cute;
My favorite was the time you wore
A big round pumpkin suit!
We’d hit every house on our block and then
We’d head for the next block, too.
You rarely stopped till your bag was full;
You had trick or treating to do!
Remember the year when the snowstorm came
And they had to cancel the night?
But we went out the next night and made our way
Through the snow so packed and white.
For nothing should ever stand in the way
Of kids on Halloween night,
For that’s the time to dress up and play
And give everybody a fright!
And when you thought you’d gotten too old
To dress up and head out for treats,
You loved to help me answer the door;
You loved every goblin you’d greet!
Though you’ve been gone for many years now,
I see you at each Halloween,
For the joy that you always experienced then
Lives on in each gremlin or queen.

Written with love for my Robbie
By Saralyn McAfee Smith
October 2005

Missing You at Halloween

Missing you is a constant in my life now
But “special” days seem even harder to bear.
I’m remembering all the fun you had at Halloween
In picking out just the right costume to wear.

And then the anticipation of going out
To all the houses here on our street
To see if neighbors would recognize you
As you gleefully shouted, “Trick or Treat!”

What fun it was to walk on the darkened streets,
Encountering other goblins and witches along the way,
Feeling the mystery and wonder of this special night
When magic, enchantment, and costumes hold sway.

And, then the fun of coming home with your loot
And dumping the contents out on the floor
To see all the treasures and candies you’d got
And almost always, wishing for more.

And wishing for more is something I do now,
Every minute, each day of the year,
But the treasure I seek is your sweet, smiling face
And the pleasure of having you here.

Saralyn McAfee Smith, 2006
Written for my Robbie with love