Glad Easterís here---so lift your voice!
For all mankind, a joyous day!
For Jesus conquered sin and death
That we might live with Him always.

We celebrate with signs of spring,
Of birth and change and life renewed.
We wear new clothes and sing glad songs,
So happy that the winterís through.

But most of all we owe our thanks
To Christ our Lord for His great love.
To reconcile us to our God,
He left His heavenly home above.

Because of Christ, my Robbieís safe
Forever in His loving care.
Because of Christ, someday we, too,
Will live with Him in heaven so fair.

Saralyn McAfee Smith
Easter, 2005

Thank you, Judi, Andrew's mom!

Thank you, Susie, Jason's mom!

Thank you, Diane, Billy's mom!

Thank you, Linda, Tina's mom!

Thank you, Lynn, Ken's mom!

Thank you, Kris, Bradley's mom!

Thank you, Elena, Dennis's mom!

Thank you, D.J., Shane's mom!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's mom!

Happy Easter, Robbie, from Mom!


Music playing is "Spring Rain," copyright 2004 by Bruce DeBoer,
and is used with the permission of the composer.