Angel of Christmas

Dear Angel of Christmas, who once brought Good News
To the shepherds with songs of love,
Can you bring me a message this Christmas, I pray,
From my son in God's Heaven above?

I miss him so much since he left this old earth,
And my life's not the same it was then;
I would give anything for a moment alone,
Just to hug him and ask how he's been.

If he can't come in person, will you bring me his words
That this heart of mine's longing to hear?
That he's happy and watches his family with love,
That he always is hovering near.

Dear Angel, I'll give you some words to take back,
As well as some hugs and a kiss,
For the message I want him to know is he's loved,
And each day he is so dearly missed.

I know that he's happy with Jesus above,
I'm glad there's no pain and no tears;
But, Angel, please tell him we'll join him some day,
Even though it may be many years.

Whatever the time till we join him again,
He's always enshrined in our hearts,
And we hold dear the promise Christ made to us all,
That in Heaven we never will part.

For Robbie with love from Mom,
Saralyn M. Smith
Christmas 2005

First Christmas, 1983 - Robbie, 3 months; Laura 11 months

Second Christmas, 1984 - Robbie, 15 months; Laura 23 months

Third Christmas, 1985 - Laura, almost 3; Robbie was too afraid to
of Santa that year!

Fourth Christmas, 1986 - Laura, almost 4; Robbie was still too
afraid of Santa!

Fifth Christmas, 1987 - Robbie, 4 years old; Laura, almost 5

Sixth Christmas, 1988 - Robbie, 5 years old; Laura, almost 6

I cannot locate the Santa picture for 1989! Still looking!

Eighth Christmas, 1990 - Robbie, 6 years old; Laura, almost 7
The last year the children saw Santa, as they had been
told by a neighbor child the Christmas before about Santa,
but still wanted to see Santa this year.
Though their clothing appears to be black in this photo,
it is actually a very dark green!

To view the lovely gifts sent to Robbie this Christmas,
please click HERE


Tube from Graphics by Lady Barbara