On the afternoon of her birthday, Cheyenne fell asleep
in her Papa's arms....and HE fell asleep, too!

Cheyenne begins to wake up from her nap.

Oh, stretch.....that was a good nap."

What did you say we're going to do tonight?

Cheyenne decides to play around, kicking it up!


Oh, that was FUN!

She mugs for the camera....what a ham!

OK, let's get serious and take a really good picture now.

What's a birthday card? In fact, what's a birthday??

I need a bottle....and some Daddy Time!

What are we planning to do?

Cheyenne's FIRST birthday cake!!

Close-up of Cheyenne's cake

Heard in the background....I think we'd better have Sierra
blow out that candle for Cheyenne!

If this is part of the cake, it sure doesn't taste good!

Looking over the piece of cake her mother has given
her, examining it very closely.

Hmm, what is all this sticky stuff on the top?
It's fun to touch!

Do you think I could hurry this along by just smashing
the plate into my forehead?

What a fun experience! Let's do this every day!

Song playing is "Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby."

Created for my darling granddaughter with love