Missing You

Oh, Robbie, I am missing you!
My heart can't seem to mend.
These last four years I've fooled myself,
But no more can I pretend.

You've not just gone to foreign lands,
To come home any day.
You've gone to where I can't yet go,
You've gone away to stay.

I used to feel I could hear your steps
Walking down the hall,
But when I eagerly checked it out,
You were not there at all.

I used to think I heard your voice
Calling, "Mom, it's me!"
But when I went to welcome you,
You were not there to see.

In daydreams I still see your face,
You dance around my heart.
But then reality sets in
And I know that we're apart.

Those memories of days gone by
Are jewels I'll always treasure.
They're safely locked within my heart,
I love you without measure.

And, hope, too, lives within my heart,
For this I know is true:
Someday my call from God will come
And then I'll be with you.

Loving and missing you always,
Saralyn McAfee Smith

Thank You Beth

Thank You Susan

Thank You Irene

Thank You Nancy

Thank You Ann

Thank You Elaine

Thank You Susan

Thank You Susie

Thank You Dixie

Thank You Peggy and Rhonda

Thank You Margaret

Thank You Shirley

Thank You Linda

Music playing is "Missing You," copyright 2004 by Bruce DeBoer,
and is used with the permission of the composer.

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Beth Hall and Joyce Allman
March 15, 2004