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Robbie was born when I was 40 years old. After 15 years of trying
to have a baby, my husband and I adopted a darling baby girl, Laura,
who was born on January 20, 1983. On that same day, I learned
that I was carrying Robbie, who was born 7 months later.
What a blessing God gave us---two babies in one year!!

From the start, Robbie was an exceptionally happy baby and delighted in life!

He was so adorable, with his blond hair and his blue-green eyes!

Being only 7 months apart, Laura and Robbie were always the best of friends!

When Robbie was 7 years old, he began having some problems,
both with learning and with behavior, but we didn't know why.
At age 10, he began having seizures, and an MRI showed that
he had a brain cyst in his left temporal lobe. At age 11, he
underwent 3 brain surgeries to remove the cyst, but his seizures
continued and the surgeries destroyed his ability to read.

By age 16, his seizures were much better controlled, and he had
re-learned how to read. One week before his 16th birthday, he became
the proud uncle of Sierra, whom he adored!

By early March of 2000, Robbie was doing great! He had been seizure-free
for more than 6 months and he was doing great in school again, too.
This is the last photo of him, taken in early March. Shortly after this,
he came down with a severe case of the flu, which sent him into seizures
again. He died in the early hours of March 15th following a seizure in
his sleep.

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